Nick Slater attempts to suppress freedom of speech in Canada

July 6, 2010 on 11:27 pm | In Consumer Protection, Rants | No Comments

This websites previous hosting company, forced by their Network provider  have demanded that any text on this website that reads “Welcome to Parry Sound” be removed.  This because Nick Slater filed a complaint.

According to an email from the host, their network provider has decided that this is a trademark violation.   They claim to have consulted with legal counsel in the matter.  Changing the title was not good enough, any reference to “Welcome to Parry Sound” was demanded to be removed.

Not a chance will Nick Slater suppress my freedom of Speech in Canada.  If Nick Slater wants to file suit in a court of law, bring it on!  Until you do, stop trying to bully law abiding Canadians into the dark ages.  Last I checked, I live in a free country who encourages free speech.

Nick Slater of Zeuter Development runs a business of Web hosting and ISP in the Parry Sound Area.

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