Its been a while….

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And then she started to sing…..

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Terry Fator

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I would love to see Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator together on stage.

Terry Fator with Kermit the Frog




Nick Slater attempts to suppress freedom of speech in Canada

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This websites previous hosting company, forced by their Network provider  have demanded that any text on this website that reads “Welcome to Parry Sound” be removed.  This because Nick Slater filed a complaint.

According to an email from the host, their network provider has decided that this is a trademark violation.   They claim to have consulted with legal counsel in the matter.  Changing the title was not good enough, any reference to “Welcome to Parry Sound” was demanded to be removed.

Not a chance will Nick Slater suppress my freedom of Speech in Canada.  If Nick Slater wants to file suit in a court of law, bring it on!  Until you do, stop trying to bully law abiding Canadians into the dark ages.  Last I checked, I live in a free country who encourages free speech.

Nick Slater of Zeuter Development runs a business of Web hosting and ISP in the Parry Sound Area.

The trademark that is nothing more than a Welcome for people to PARRY SOUND is ridiculous.

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“Welcome to Parry Sound” has been trademarked.  A small town that welcomes tourists.  Now Nick Slater, a businessman  from Parry Sound, who claims he owns the trademark “Welcome to Parry Sound” has been reported by locals and media to be trying  suppress anyone from writing the words in any form, the internet, newspapers, facebook, etc. without paying him royalties for the use of his trademark.

In my opinion this is ignorance when it comes to the interpretation of a trademark.   If I was a betting man, I would bet a Darwin award is pending.

Facebook / My Space

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So I ask myself, What is the deal with facebook?  Why would people share there personal information so freely?  Why is having a myspace page deemed “cool”.

When we have new privacy laws in this country to protect our personal information, we at the same time feel in necessary to share our personal details with the world.

I welcome your comments on this…..

They walk among us.

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It is curious why people find it nessecary to bully people on the internet. Often an advertisment on eBay or Kijiji results in a completely uninvited response with someone’s unwanted opinion. These people have no interest in your product, but feel they are the ambassadors of the internet.

I posted a boat motor for sale on Kijiji some time ago. This resulted in a reply to the advertisment letting me know that my motor was dirty and I should be embarrassed, as a boater, keeping my equipment in such a state. WHAT? Why do you care? How can you tell from the picture? Why did this person feel his opinion was justified?

More recently I recieved a reply to a Kijiji advertisement for an ATV. I stated in this ad that it is a “legal Two-up”. I used this term to describe the fact that it is a factory designed and produced two seat ATV. Although it is not legal in Ontario to operate on the streets, it is legal on the trails and in other parts of Canada. The laws are under review and will probably be legal on the streets of Ontario in those ATV friendly communities soon.

This person went on to harass, slander and insult me. Telling me that he graduated law school and he knew better. Well it appears that Wade Ramsey (a.k.a. Dubb Shweeny and a.k.a. Warren England) of Sudbury, the initiator of the emails, graduated High School and is currently, at the time of this post, unemployed. He is currently making every indication that he will cheat on his financee. This is the self stated law school graduate who is all knowing because he, in his own admission, was charged twice for riding with a passenger on an ATV. You would think if he was so smart he would have learned after the first charge.

The next step is to report the email to Kijiji and to the police as the emails included open threats which any law student would know to be a criminal offense.

Don’t be discouraged by the weak minded hiding behind the computer screen who make themselves feel big by bullying people on the internet. Report these occurences to your local police!

It is amazing how many of these bullies walk among us.

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